Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm trying out for a design team

Funky Hand Designs is looking for one new member to join their design team. I thought that even if I don't get selected, it would be nice to atleast try. So, here, I have some of the cards that I had made and am proud to show off.

These are just short descriptions of some of the cards-

The sort of vine u see is a part of the green, yellow and red card. Its made using rice grains positioned to look like flowers and leaves and then I watercolored them.

For the black and white card, I strapped rubberbands around a peice of styrofoam and used it as a stamp to make the background.

The 2 butterfly cards with the same layout have butterflies which were actually originally a part of a dp.

For the card with the dresses, I drew the dresses and cut them out. Then paper pieced them and added more bling with the help of embroidery floss, star shaped gems and glitter.

Well hope you like and the ladies at Funky Hands do too!

Happy Crafting,


  1. lovely cards!!! greetings from Poland!!:)

  2. Lovely creations!! Good luck!!

    Sweet greetings from Belgium,

  3. Howdy from Texas :-) These cards are so great! I love the rice grain one--very innovative :-)

  4. Anu your cards are beautiful! You have alot of creative ideas. Wishing you luck, all the way from California...

  5. Hi Anu,
    Your cards are lovely, I'm happy to see you're using some of the goodies that I sent you.
    Good luck with the design team!
    hugs, Valerie


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