Friday, May 21, 2010

For a Good Cause

hi everyone,
I'm really sorry that I have been offline and off the face of the earth for so long. I'm not even going to promise that I'll try harder cause it seems I can't try hard enough...EVER! Anyhow, I have been mostly busy with non arty stuff of late.

But, for the summer, I'm interning at a non governmental organisation. Its called Sarthi and their goal is to help out all the artists living in India...well more specifically- New Delhi and Jaipur anyway. So I thought I'd use my blog as a a platform to voice their cause. They work for artists of all types- dance, music,magicians, puppeteers etc. They have projects to help educate these people and to provide housing, legal aid etc.

However, since this is a privately owned organisation, many of their efforts can't be formed into concrete plans and executed due to lack of funds. And for this, they need the help of the community. They do shows for dance and music outside India as well, in Europe and the US.

So now, I am asking the online crafting community to please help support their cause by providing donations.

You can click on the title and it will direct you to their website if you want to read more about them.

Sarthi is also looking for sponsors who can help support any of their fund raising events or programmes.

All those who are interested in making a donation, please contact sarthi and they will forward you the details to make your donations.

Also, once you have made the donation, come back here and leave a comment telling me you have and your name will be added in for a lucky draw to win a handmade gift from Sarthi.

And, you can get a second entry for adding a link to this post on your sidebar. Those who aren't able to make a donation, please help spread the word and your will still be entered into the lucky draw.

Don't cheat cause I'll be checking!

Happy Crafting,