Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you’re a little baffled seeing my salutation, let me explain. For those of you who do not know what Namaste means, it is a form of greeting in India. If you have read my profile then you already know that I plan on going to college very soon. Well, I am planning to go to college in India which is my home country. And guess what?


I came here so I can go on with admission formalities like interviews, written tests and group discussions in the various colleges and universities I am applying to. So far I have 3 colleges on my list and by the end of next week, I’ll probably have 5. Yes, I’ve kept my options open but let us see whether I get into the course and college of my choice. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, moving on to crafty news, since I am busy with admissions you won’t see any new things on the blog for quite some time. I do have a couple of projects that I had wanted to share with you but I don’t have access to them as of now since the pc is back home in Kuwait. Our family is going to be shifting to India for a couple of years and my parents are busy packing while I try to keep a hold on my future.

Anyway, you will find me chatting once in a while about my life and happenings and I will also post about any new sites and blogs as well as candy that I find when I have the time to cruise through blogland. I’ll try to keep my blog candy roll updated as well but I can’t promise. The amount of blog candies I list on my blog is quite large and it can take me upto 7 hours to get the list updated. Well, I got to go and look through all the creativity out there while I’m at it, right? Seriously, I spend WAY too much time just admiring other peoples work and end up doing none of my own.

Anyway, this post was quite long and I hope you understand and don’t mind my being MIA for a while. Oh, and another reason why I can’t craft is cause none of my craft supplies are here. I mean, I don’t even have normal cardstock and paper. Yes I’m miles away from any crafting activity.

Did anyone even read the whole post? I know I sometimes cheat and not read the posts and just look at the pictures and since there are no pictures here, so……????

Happy Crafting,

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Color Dare Challenge Blog

Good Morning everyone. Are you up for a challenge and some blog candy? The color dare challenge blog is a new blog that has weekly challenges for you to join in. Since they are just starting, they are offering some great candy as well on the blog. So hop over and join the fun!

Here is where you need to go-

Happy Crafting,